Xysspon is an indipendant developer that specializes in 2D games with a primary focus around the ever popular theme of monster girls (and boys too) as well as a variety of artstyles and playstyles inspired by those of classic games. Embark on a journey, interact, and explore with the races in this world and the illustrious landscapes that populate it.



In development since 2015, Mugeneko is a game about a cat woman who goes on a vast adventure to put a halt to the forces that have corrupted her land, and to save her race from annihalation.

-Release TBD-

Day in the Life of a Harpy

The game that started it all. Duri has been staying out a bit late, and now must take a dangerous journey back home if she wants to get her dinner on time! Once she gets home, it's bed time, sweet dreams!


Day in the Life of a Harpy 2

Strong gusts of winds have been making life for harpies hard, and Duri has taken it into her own talons to put a stop to whatever force is causing this, and anything that gets in her way.


Dire Dragon

Elinor's horde of gold has been stolen, and they are now forced to journey out of their cave to defeat the mage that has stolen their rightfully earned goods.


Harpy Gaiden

Evil is rampant, and Radi needs to do some interrogation to finally end the constant attacks of a power-crazed puppet. But first, they're gonna need to find the people she needs!

-Releases 2019-

Please set aside some time and play one of these games, many of them are completely free, and will hopefully bring some triumph to your day.